IriSee, My Friends and Me


To participate in the Competition the following is required:

  • The participant must be a user of IriSee application.
  • The participant has to provide the below information on the following
  • A photo with a meaning: IriSee, My Friends and Me,
  • First name, last name (in Georgian font).
  • Phone number registered with the application.

The photo must show the participant, his/her friends and must represent IriSee with a meaning (according to the imagination of the participant).

The deadline for receiving the photos is 18/09/2017 18:00 hours.

On the main page of IriSee application  a button is activated for reflecting the photos provided by the applicants under the theme:

IriSee, My Friends and Me


The photos can collect Likes from Facebook page as well as through IriSee.

Below each photo there are two signs of Like from which one is of IriSee application (any user of the application can give a Like to the photo of his/her choice immediately in the application) and another is of  Facebook Like (only the number of Facebook Likes are given).

The photos provided by the participants are shown on our Facebook page and any person can give Likes to the photos.

The number of Likes are calculated with a following method:

One IriSee Like = 2 Likes.

One Facebook Like = 1 Like.


In the application the Likes from IriSee and Facebook are provided separately and also the sum of Likes are provided.

The Facebook Likes will be updated in every 10-30 minutes, while the IriSee Likes will be updated immediately.

On the page of the Competition, the applicant sees his/her photo first and then the photo of the participant with the most number of Likes.


The photos provided by the participants may not contain a political appeal, a depiction or a massage of an uncensored character.

Each photo of participants will be evaluated and the photos not containing the above wrong massages will be placed in the application.


The Competition will reveal three participants with most number of Likes:

The awards:

The winner will take: TV set Toshiba 49” (4K UHD)

The second place winner will take:  Notebook Asus 15.6” R Series

The third place winner will take:  Sony DVD Home Theatre System


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