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ნოვაციური მობილური აპლიკაცია  IriSee

ნოვაციებითა და პროფესიონალიზმით, ჩვენ  ვუზრუნველვყოფთ მაღალი ხარისხის, მრავალფეროვან და კონკურენტუნარიან მომსახურებას.

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Innovative Mobile Application

We provide varied, competitive and high quality services by way of novations and professionalism.

What is the application of IriSee?

  • Information portal of different products and discounts;
  • IriSees gaining system and connected to it incentive drawing;
  • 24-hour Information Centre;
  • Charity; 
  • Horoscope;
  • Cookery; 
  • Fitness.

What do you offer?

  • Downloading and use are free;
  • It is a source  of information about interesting discounts and new products;
  • Number of placed advertisements will define IriSees gaining;
  • IriSees gaining is a precondition of the participation in incentive drawing and the big possibility of winning a prize;
  • Applicant is interested in popularization of the application among other people/referrals;
  • Free Information Centre -*1616;
  • Application includes current day personal and general horoscope;
  • Applicant, on request, gets an opportunity to make charity;
  • Desirable to everyone prices are drawn.

System Compatibility

Mobile Application IriSee is intended as for Android, so for IOS system mobile devices.


Get 24 hour service.

დღის შეთავაზება

Offer of the day

Offer of the day includes a sale/ advertisement/ discount of only one company, but unlike the others it is assigned with the special IriSees.

დღის შეთავაზება

All offers

All offers include different companies sales/ advertisements/ discounts with assigned specific IriSees. Every new offer is marked out with (New) sign and is placed in the first rows of the list.

ყველა შეთავაზება


Applicant, on request, gets an opportunity to make charity by phone call or sending SMS.

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